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Mt. Olympus Review Wisconsin Dells 2017

May 10, 2018


Hola amigos, and welcome back to the blog! So todays entry will be a review on the quaint little amusement and water park resort in Wisconsin Dells
called Mt. Olympus. I went to this park for the first time in the summer of 2017, and I had a great time, so lets get started!
So lets dive into the roller coasters at this park. So of course, the star of the show is the Gravity Group woodie, Hades 360. This is known for having
an inversion, and its for sure the best ride in the park. Then, they have three other wooden coasters named Zeus, Cyclops, and Pegasus, and they
have a tiny steel kiddie coaster named Little Titans. So surprisingly, the family coaster, Cyclops, is actually the second best coaster at the park,
and the rest can be any order, but Hades 360 is for sure the star, so for its score on coasters, I'm giving MT. Olympus a 7/10. They aren't really
diverse, but they have a solid top two.
So lets dive into the waterpark. Now Mt. Olympus is the worl'ds largest theme park and waterpark RESORT, emphasis on the resort. If you want biggest
outdoor waterpark, go down the road to Noah's Ark, and if you want the largest theme/amusement park, go to Disney's Animal Kingdom, but this is the
largest resort complex that features a theme park and a waterpark.
So heres my thing with the waterpark. There isnt much to do if you aren't a resort guest. Most of the waterslides and water attraction at this place
are reserved for resort guests only. You have maybe one major slide complex for the people who don't stay at the resort, and maybe a few wave pools,
but there isn't much for non-resort guests. Now I did stay at the resort, and I must say the waterpark saved for the resort guests is awesome.
They have a wide variety of slides, these really cool speed slides, something that everyone can do, and FREE SODA AND FREE HOT DOGS. It was pretty
awesome, and if you're gonna go to Mt. Olympus, stay at the resort. So their overall waterpark is getting a 6.5/10.
Next up is the flat rides. They only have three. They have a starflyer, an S&S Screamin Swing, and a skycoaster. Two of those attractions cost
money, and the only free one is the starflyer. I didn't ride any of these cause the lines were awful and operations are terrible, so I didn't 
get to ride any, but enough said. They're getting a 3/10.
Now were onto the Family Rides/Kiddie Rides, and this park is getting a 6/10. Theres plenty of ride for the little ones to ride, but not very
many for the families. They don't have a ferris wheel or a skyride, so there isnt much for everyone in the family except for Pegasus or Cyclops.
Next up is the Go-Carts. This place is known for go carts. Theres tracks EVERYWHERE! This place is go-cart heaven! However, lines can get AWFUL.
That is why I didn't do any of them, but every time I looked at them, the lines were over half an hour. So the go-carts are getting a 8.7/10.
Our next catagory is convienance. Is the park layout okay? Are things easy to find? Does it look nice? So, this amusement park is fairly small.
You can walk from the front to the back in about 4 minutes, so it isn't that big. Everything in this park is easy to find. Almost all 
the rides are visible everywhere, and its easy to find entrances and shops and such. Also, there are bin on all the coaster's platforms
which is awesome so you don't have to pay for a locker and you can leave it where you left in when you got on the ride, so for its score
for this catagory will be 8/10.
Now we are at the food catagory, and its getting a 6.5/10. Standard amusement park food. A little overpriced, though.
Moving on to the staff catagory, and the staff at this park can be good and can be a little odd. Most of the staff aren't from the USA,
which I really liked, but some were a tad odd. The ride ops weren't that fast, and one ride op asked to feel my hair while I was riding Hades,
which was kinda odd. So the staff is getting a 7/10.
Now its location, and this park is getting a 10/10. Its in the heart of the Dells, and you can see it from miles away. This is one of the
main things to do in the Dells and it gets a lot of attendance. This is the best park in the Dells for coasters, but not for waterslides.
Now were moving on to the catagory where the park will have a very low score, and that is operations. This park is notorious for having
painfully slow operations, and that is completely correct. They only run one train on ALL of their coasters, and the ride ops don't move 
that fast. For example, Hades had 3 minute dispatches, and with a 2 minute ride time, thats 5 minutes for each cycle. Thats awful.
Now coasters like Zeus, Cyclops, Pegasus, and Little Titans can get away with only one train cause they don't get super long lines
and they're fairly short rides, but something like Hades is just awful. That ride almost always has a wait over a half hour.
What I think they should do is that they should add a second train to Hades 360, and it would make it SOOO much better.
Now I will say one good thing about the operations. On Hades, nearly every single cycle had a full train, and I even got a reride cause they needed to fill a single rider slot for one train and the next I rode with my friend, so every train is a full cycle, which I really like, but I still think they should give Hades a 2nd train. So the final score for the operations is a 2/10.
They're awful.
Our next catagory is landscaping/theming. This park is of course themed to Greek Mythology, and it shows! Every building has some sort of greek-type frontsides so it looks like its from Ancient Greece, and all the coasters and most of the slides are named after characters from greek mythology. However, there wasn't really that many flowers and tree. Mostly pavement. 
This park could really work on that, like theres lot of patches of grass that can be used. So this catagory is getting a 7/10.
So this is an extra catagory, and this is resort perks. If you stay at the resort, you get FREE ADMISSION into the park. So you only have to pay for the room in order to get in. They give you wristbands where you can change food or merch to your room bill, and theres two amazing parts. The waterpark and theme park close to the public at 7, so the resort guests get an extra 3 hours in the theme park to ride coasters and have fun! The waterpark closes at 7 for everyone, but if you're a resort guest, you could marathon Hades 360 over and over for 3 hours, and arguably the best part is that you get an exclusive waterpark just for resort guests, and I gotta say its WAY better than the waterpark for the general public. If you're traveling to the Dells, I would HIGHLY reccommend staying at Mt. Olympus, because you get free admission for as long as youre there. Its awesome. So for this
catagory, its getting a 10/10.
Now its time for the final score. This score isn't based on averages or any math, this is just how much I like the park. So this park is getting two score. So the first score is a 6.8/10, and this score is just for the general public, but its score for resort guests is 9/10. Staying at the resort makes the park experience so much better, and you can marathon my number 8 coaster, Hades 360, over and over again. This picture is of my friend and I on Hades 360. I think you can tell which one I am cause I'm the one having the most fun.
So thats my thoughts on this park, tell me yours in the comments below, thanks for reading my blog, and have a thrilling day! All photos are owned by MrAmusement.

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