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Steel Vengeance Removed from Fast Lane at Cedar Point

May 10, 2018


As many of you have already heard, Cedar Point has removed Steel Vengeance off of Fast Lane Plus. Most of you are thinking this is only an minor inconvenience, but it’s more than that. Steel Vengeance has a crazy line. On opening day, it was over 5 hours. CP has Fast Lane to make money and to make guests happy. Of course more people are going to buy Fast Lane Plus in order to ride the new ride fast. The only reason I can think of for them doing this is because of operations. The day after the incident, Steel Vengeance was running with one train and a boarding pass system. You had to ride the ride in a certain time window. There was no line that you could join at any given time, so it’s not like you could use the Fast Lane to ride immediately, like everyone had to do the boarding passes. It is Wednesday of this week, and SV last operated on Sunday, so they have more time to fix it. The next time SV should be open is Friday, so they have another day to fix it. They’re removing it now so people coming on Friday won’t buy it because this problem is bigger than they thought. This is a problem bigger than anyone thought. They removed it because this coaster is unfortunately going to be running with the boarding pass system for a while, and they don’t want anyone buying Fast Land expecting to use it for this ride. As much as I hate to say it, Steel Vengeance will most likely have one train operations for even longer than we thought. Thankfully, I’ve ridden it 7 times but most people haven’t. It’s very unfortunate and not something I wanted to hear today. Hopefully, the park will get this three train system worked out. So what are your thoughts on this change? Id love to hear your thoughts, so shoot me an email at or comment on my Instagram post about the same thing. Thank you for reading, and as always, have a thrilling day! #bringbacksvfastlane #svhasfastlaneissues #steelvengeance #cedarpoint 

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