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Steel Vengeance Review Cedar Point New for 2018 Hyper Hybrid

May 11, 2018

Hola amigos, and welcome back to the blog! So today's entry is an extra special entry. Today I will be reviewing the most anticipated roller coaster of the decade, Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point! I'm fortunate enough to have ridden this ride 7 different times, 5 at the First Rider Benefit and 2 on Opening Day, so I have a pretty clear understanding of what this coaster is like, so lets just jump into it. So you arrive at Cedar Point, and you lug yourself to the back of the park to get to this ride. So you walk up
to the ride, and the sign looks incredible. Full of color, and this coaster is incredibly photogenic. So depending on if you have Fast Lane or not, you'll enter the queue and I was plesently surprised to find a little bit of theming 

about the characters this ride is themed to. There are also FunTvs and mystic fans. Finally, after a long wait, you'll get to the staircase leading up to this ride, and then you'll hear it. The obnoxiously loud anti-rollback device. Like it is annoyingly loud, and I don't understand why. If you aren't prepared for it, it can scare you and hurt your ears. Like its really freaking loud. So you'll enter the station after (possibly) being assigned a row, and this is the same station as Mean Streak. You enter the station from a different side, but the station itself is basically the same. Then the beautiful new RMC trains roll around, and you'll board the coaster. The seats on this thing are super duper comfy. I felt right at home, and I wasn't uncomfortable at all. Then you'll buckle your seat belt, and the ride op pulls down your restraint. Depending on your body type and who the ride op is, you'll either have lots of wiggle room or you'll be stapled. I've ridden in both scenarios, and being stapled actually isn't bad at all. The restraints I think are pretty good, but I don't like those annoying shinguards, but they have to be there for your safety. After everyone has boarded, you'll dispatch on the 2 minute and 30 second ride of amazingness. So after the transfer track section, you turn right and go through two tiny bunny hops before the lift hill, and you'll actually get a little airtime on these hills which I was very happy about. Then you go up the 205 ft lift hill, and this lift hill is actually pretty fast, which I was happy about. Then you'll finally reach the top, and before you can take in the gorgeous view, you'll plummet down the absolutely phenomenal first drop.

  Now the drop  is going to be different in every seat. If you're towards the front, it kind of feels like you hold for a second before dropping. If you're in the middle, you just go over it like a normal drop, and if you're in the back,  then you will experience true amazingness. You get flung over the drop so fast in the back.  No matter where you sit on this ride, you'll get airtime on the drop, but you get the most in the back. This drop is steep. When they mean 90 degrees, they mean 90 degrees. It is my second favorite drop behind Fury 325 and just in front of Skyrush. Then after the drop, you'll enter this amazing ejector speed hill before ascending up the massive top hat, and what I really love about this element is that it is true flojector airtime. What I mean by that is that you get ejected out of your seat, but you float there for what feels like forever.  After that, you'll enter the outward bank which is one of my favorite elements on this ride. Its a weird sensation getting off-axis airtime, but it is absolutely incredible, and this is pure flojector. If you've ridden Lightning Rod on any other RMC, its the same feeling. Next, you'll drop down into an ejector airtime moment before entering the first inversion. This inversion is great. You get some pretty decent hang-time, and its butter smooth. This is followed by a small bank leading into the second inversion, the Twisted Snake Dive.

  Now this element is super cool. You're banking one way, then you rapidly but smoothly flip upside down but in the other direction. You stall for a second, before twisting out  the same direction you twisted in. If you think its a full roll, its not, so don't prepare for that. From the outside, it looks a little jerky but its butter smooth. After that you'll do three more ejector moments before entering the mid course break run, and thankfully this doesn't effect the speed at all. It is exactly like New Texas Giant's mid course and its only there so they can run three trains. I was a little concerned about this, but there is nothing to worry about. It doesn't affect the speed at all. This is followed by a quick drop into a double up. Even more ejector air. 
Next is another off axis airtime hill, but halfway through you twist inside the structure. Its really cool and a great flojector moment. Next you go into a tight over-bank, followed by the third inversion of the ride, a barrel roll with some insane hand-choppers. After that, you go through two quick pops of ejector airtime followed by a very small but powerful wave turn. This is a banked turn but with a tiny airtime hill in the middle of it. One of my favorite moments of the ride. Then it is immediately followed by another barrel roll leading into a crazy intense over-bank. Lastly, you'll enter the finale of 6 back-to-bank tiny ejector bunny hills before hitting the final brakes. What a wild and phenomenal ride!
You'll come off thinking "what the heck just happened?" and then you'll immediately want to get back in the 5 hour line. When I got off my first time, it was the exact feeling I had when I came off of Top Thrill Dragster for the first time, and I immediately knew that it was the best coaster in the world. This ride is butter smooth. The transitions are quick, but they aren't rough or painful, they're just intense, there is no jack-hammering at all, and there is no rattle.
I like to compare this ride to a three course meal. The drop is the appetizer. The first ejector speed hill to before the wave turn is the main course, and the wave turn through the end of the ride is the dessert.
This is the perfect coaster. It has the drop, speed, height, length, inversions, airtime, intensity, smoothness, pacing, fun level, its well themed, and it is incredibly photogenic.  I must say that the airtime on this coaster is absolutely and utterly phenomenal. You're out of your seat literally the entire ride. This ride also has some incredible pacing, which a lot of people were concerned about, but it is relentless from start to finish. The most amazing part about this coaster is that it is absolutely incredible no matter what row you're in. Sure, back row is the best, but no matter where you sit, you're going to have an incredible experience. I rode it twice in the back, twice in the second row, one in the second to last row, one in row 6, and one in row 9, and they were all amazing rides. One thing about me is that I'm a Fury 325 fanboy. It was my number one coaster for three years, then I rode this and I knew after one ride it was my new favorite. Seriously, everyone needs to make a pilgrimage to Cedar Point to ride this incredible beast of a coaster, so for it's final score, I'm giving it an 11/10. It is so good, it breaks the traditional ranking system. Rocky Mountain Construction did an absolutely phenomenal job with this ride. So what are your thoughts on this ride? Have you ridden it? I'd love to hear from you, so shoot me an email of your opinion of the ride, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to us on Youtube. Thank you for reading, and as always, have a thrilling day! *All photos are owned by MrAmusement.*

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