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Operational Update: Steel Vengeance

June 1, 2018


Hola amigos, welcome back to the blog! In today's entry we're discussing the Steel Vengeance operations at Cedar Point. Since May 5th (Opening Day), the coaster has been running only one train, rotating by day. When I was there they were running the "Digger" train. The day before, they were running "Chess." They rotate each day so that each train can get some recreational use and some operating work. Lately, the mid-course brake run has been slowing the coaster down, which is a sign that Cedar Point is testing all the block brake sections to see if they are functional. Yesterday (May 30), the coaster was closed and the day before (May 29) it closed at 5:00pm. The reason for this is that the park is recommitioning the ride and getting it ready for CoasterMania. Cedar Point has begun testing and running the coaster with multiple trains, so we can expect it to be back up and running at its full potential soon.


What are your thoughts on the new RMC conversion?

Have you ridden it yet?

Do you think Steel Vengeance is the best new coaster of 2018?


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